A commercial building usually requires high maintenance and regular inspections and lack of either proves risky. Still, a skyscraper needs more attention so that you adhere to the set safety codes. Experienced and licensed professionals should continuously inspect every commercial high-rise. The procedure alerts you of any potential hazards or risks that are dangerous to the public. Epic Rope Access is the best company for you as we are your height solution specialists.

In Edmonton, weather is rather harsh and can result in ruined building exteriors for your commercial high-rise. This is the main reason your skyscraper ought to be continuously inspected, and by an expert. A severe structural problem will arise if inspections are ignored, and you will have to spend a hefty amount of money reversing the damage.

At Epic Rope Access, the engineers give you a comprehensive and factual report and a detailed picture of your commercial high rise to show its current condition. Our engineers are certified and licensed to inspect, assess, and give descriptions of any commercial structures and projects. We also have a team that will provide you with an estimate before your skyscraper inspection. Commercial property needs strict maintenance routines, one of them being envelope building inspections.

Why Does Your Skyscraper need Inspections?

When a qualified expert performs a skyscraper inspection, you get to save money by preventing expensive replacements. Most building systems are set up to protect the interior from rain or water leakage. A building envelope inspection is entirely significant as its functionality maintains the state of your commercial high rise. Leakage triggered by moisture or air can infiltrate the building’s interior causing cracks and gaps

Regular inspections are essential to identify any errors, test any foreign elements, perform scans, and finally conclude the reason for the flaws. A perfect going-over for any skyscraper makes the building hard-wearing and safe for its occupants. Commercial inspections cover the entire building envelope. With our skilled technicians, your building won’t need emergency repairs that are so infuriating. Our team is trained to check every narrowed space, corner, and surface.

Unconstrained air leakage leads to overall commercial high rise inefficiency that affects your AC unit and furnace. In turn, you will suffer a high energy cost that can be avoided. The incursion of warm and cold air causes errors that will cause the air to condense and form water. So, if your commercial building has never been examined, then it is about time, you booked a professional skyscraper inspection.

An envelope commercial high rise inspection additionally provides you with a visual representation of the skyscraper’s state. We do what drones or trucks cannot manage. On top of the mentioned advantages, an extensive inspection is all-inclusive and targets the building envelope. The technique includes typically advantageous checkups on systems like:

1. Attic space and ceiling

We carefully check the air barrier and insulation units to make sure everything is working efficiently. If there are any gaps identified during the inspection, they have to be sealed. Our contractors also check all access openings that lead to your commercial building’s attic. This process is vital as we look for traces of rot or the presence of bugs. Afterward, we recommend the best methods to deal with any issues.

2. Roofing unit and roof foundations

Roofs are checked to spot any outflows or cracks that may cause leaks. A spoiled roofing system is one of the fastest ways to bring down your skyscraper. Furthermore, the inspection is vital to detect birds’ perching areas and nests. The checkup will include the vents, chimneys, and gutters. You can always rely on our able and certified professionals to notice debris and other destructive elements.

3. Exterior walls and material

A proper skyscraper inspection looks at the masonry and architectural set up of your commercial building. The wall system is complicated, and our skilled workers check the junctions and sealed plates. A checkup is also helpful as the finishing and paint job is also reviewed. The wall is prone to impact from weather changes and can wear quickly if not maintained. Yet, no building manager desires an unmaintained and derelict building exterior as it is unpleasant to the public and employees.

4. Wiring and plumbing

A building envelope inspection is not complete until the wiring and plumbing are examined using the right methods and equipment. Faulty wiring is very deadly and unsafe for the occupants of your commercial high rise. Batt insulation around the exterior walls is inspected to make sure it does not interfere with the plumbing/wiring system. Our inspectors check previously installed insulation and plumbing and spot any defects.

5. Fenestration

Fenestration involves any building part that complements your commercial high-rise. From the skylights, concealed sprinklers, doors, vents, and windows. When all these elements are inspected, every minute fault is spotted, and the technician gives a report. Epic Rope Access provides services that meet national standards.

We offer safe and in-depth envelope inspections for skyscrapers. Heights are quite challenging to carry checkups on and give visual representation on. Our experienced inspectors go to all levels to make sure every nook and cranny is examined. We provide rope access services all over Edmonton and the surrounding areas. To satisfy all our clients, we consider all your needs.

Skyscraper inspections are an added advantage as you get extra services like:

  • Penstock examination
  • Incident free testing
  • Pit-depth assessments and measurements
  • Tanks and pipeline examination
  • Corrosion tests
  • Thermal tests
  • Bridge inspection
  • Hammer sounding
  • Detailed data procurement
  • Paint, sealant, and coating inspections
  • Visual documentation of your building

At Epic Rope Access, we conduct every business project with honesty and honor. Our fundamental belief is that we can accomplish an incident and damage-free workspace. We have created a strong team of employees that maintain our high standards 24/7. Moreover, no deal is done until all parties are pleased and content with the results.

As a building manager, we help you access regular and quality skyscraper inspections. Your commercial high rise needs constant preventive care, and that is why you should contact us and book an inspection for your building.