Two Catagories

Multiple Service Options

Epic Rope Access takes pride in our ability to be flexible in the projects we take on. There has been an abundance of times were clients have requested of us to complete a project that is out of our scope, because doing the project with scaffolding was to expensive. So we developed contacts with companies that specialize in a certain industry, and we bring them on to these projects with us.

To this day we are still acquiring new contacts and further expanding our services. Now we have developed in to a construction/maintenance company that can complete almost any project that would be required in a commercial or industrial site.


There are many different rope access companies in Alberta. Half of them work only in the industrial sector, while the other half works inside the window washing industry.

We are the only company in Alberta conducting all different types of trades/services in the commercial sector.


We offer industrial services such as electrical heat tracing, insulation, inspection of fall arrest, installation of fall arrest, rescue and recovery, inspection of pipe and other structure, and much more.



“Very professional, good company. Competitive pricing and eager to get to work.”

Shaun Viinikka

“Very professional and pleasant to deal with”

Johns Haidner

“The guys are professional and very easy to work with, and always accomplish projects on time and budget”

Jordon Ripstop Soprovich