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The Weber Centre

Weber Centre suffered a critical leak when a Victaulic coupling seal of their hydronic heating system failed. We sealed the leak and replaced all couplings for a third of the cost of the next lowest bid. We returned the system to functionality faster than any other company could have even gained access. Additionally, we upgraded their heating pipe insulation to increase their building’s heating efficiency. Our electricians also installed a lighting and power system to fully illuminate their mechanical shaft, which passed final inspection with no discrepancies. This system was designed by our electricians to work in complete submersion should there ever be another leak in the system. We also noticed structural damage due to thermal expansion and contraction of the pipes and poor engineering. We corrected the situation and increased the life span of the system, saving our client many thousands of dollars in future maintenance. Estimated cost savings of $100,000 and two to four months time savings. This also saved our client irreparable damages to their client relations, as we were the only company who could complete the project before winter.

What we Do

Gold’s Gym Sign Removal

While inspecting signage at West Edmonton Mall, we discovered a sign that was poorly fastened to the wall and had deteriorated significantly. We safely removed this signage in an landmark project more economically than conventional methods. This sign was almost 500 square feet in size and weighed almost 2000lbs.


What we Do

Twerwillegar Foot Bridge

During the construction of the Terwillegar Footbridge, the pillar lights LED drivers overloaded and failed. All traditional methods of access were too invasive and would close down the bridge or damage the structure, lowering its life span. A 300 foot crane was going to be brought in to provide access, until someone suggested our company. We completed the repairs faster and cheaper than alternative methods, without any interruption to traffic flow or public interference. Our methods met the requirements for not requiring a OSCAM permit to be pulled. Estimated cost savings over $5,000 per light.