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Industrial Work

Our technicians are experienced in both the commercial and industrial rope access. We are an oddity in Canadian rope access because there are some rope companies that specialize only in industrial, and others in commercial.

Industrial companies focus on skilled trades and large projects, while the commercial companies focus on unskilled labour and small projects.

We are an exception to this. We conduct industrial and commercial projects, large and small, skilled trades and unskilled labour.

What ever your needs at height, we have the solution.

Industrial Services


Lighting Maintenance

This service includes options of lighting replacement, conversion, and LED retrofit


Heat Trace Troubleshooting

This service includes installation & maintenance, and splicing


Infrared Thermography


Cable Pull


General inspections


And Much More

Including mechanical shaft services

Job Highlight

Safe Windstorm Damage Removal

We were called upon to remove a loose piece of cladding that had come undone during a wind storm. We safely removed this piece of cladding for a fraction of the price of scaffolding. Height 220′


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