Skyscraper Inspections: Why Your Commercial High-Rise Needs Regular Inspections

A commercial building usually requires high maintenance and regular inspections and lack of either proves risky. Still, a skyscraper needs more attention so that you adhere to the set safety codes. Experienced and licensed professionals should continuously inspect every commercial high-rise. The procedure alerts you of any potential hazards or risks that are dangerous to the public. Epic Rope Access is the best company for you as we are your height solution specialists.Continue reading

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding On-the-Job Rope Access

Every year, local and national governments put out guides to help commercial and industrial building owners understand the latest trends in maintenance.

Not only do some materials and practices become illegal, but some get improved upon over time. The introduction of rope access into the world of on-the-job functions has been an improvement in safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Since many people don’t know about the details of rope access, we’ve tackled all of the major FAQs.Continue reading