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Our staff can perform services safely and efficiently, saving you time and money. We have certified trades people who are highly experienced and undergo rigorous training in rope access and climbing techniques to safely access areas that are otherwise inaccessible to other companies without a large expense or risk. ERA commits to fostering a culture based upon a family mindeset. By taking great care of our employees, we know our employees will be taking great care of your organization.

Tyrone, Director



Whenever there is something he desires to learn, Tyrone obtains employment in that field. This lead to interesting career opportunities as a cook, medical field worker, Canadian Army personnel, EMS rural rescue personnel and electrician.

While apprenticing as an electrician, Tyrone did not enjoy waiting for lifts or scaffold. He believed it would be easy to integrate my rescue skills into the trades and thus started a company to do just that. He obtained IRATA certification and continue to develop his skill.

His dream is to one day create a international disaster aid rescue team which requires each member to be trained and experienced in rope access and rescue, emergency medicine, and a skilled trade. This team could deploy into any disaster situation, harness local manpower, return basic services, provide medical aid, and rescue trapped individuals.

In his spare time, Tyrone enjoys rock climbing, fencing, marksmanship and paintball

Leo, Assistant Director



Leo started in the construction industry at young age learning the electrical trade from his father. He soon discovered how much he enjoyed constructing electrical systems and watching them go into operation after the project was completed.

Leo loved construction so much that he started learning other trades through friends and the internet. He soon discovered his one dislike of the need to use lifts. His experiences with lifts could range on a spectrum from great to uncomfortable, frustrating and sometimes even downright scary.

When introduced to rope access, Leo quickly realized just how innovative his role in the industry could be. There would no longer be the required wait for lifts or scaffolding to complete a job and there was no more worrying about damage and personal safety.

This new-found love of rope access brought him a new opportunity with ERA, which he gladly jumped on!


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